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Pojoaque is a small town located 15 minutes north of Santa Fe on US Highway 84/285 and roughly an hour from Albuquerque International (ABQ) Airport. Pojoaque is a quaint town with a population of 2,094 people. The town, which includes the communities of Cuyamungue, Jacona, Jaconita, Nambé, and El Rancho, is home to people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Pojoaque has always maintained a strong cultural identity, owing to its rich history of the Native Americans, which goes back centuries. This town offers an authentic Native American vacation experience, a broad range of culture-based activities, and proximity to historical and archaeological sites. You can also visit Poeh Cultural Center and Museum, where you can find collections of great artworks that promote understanding and respect for the town’s cultural heritage.

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Moreover, if you plan a trip to Pojoaque, don’t forget to stop at Taos Pueblo, Bandelier National Monument, Puye Cliffs, and Santa Clara. There is also the Poeh Tower Gallery, architectural buildings, and Poeh Arts educational program.

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