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The History and What to See in Galisteo, NM

Galisteo is a small town in New Mexico. It is best known for its natural beauty and the nearby Galisteo Basin. Its history goes back to 7500 B.C., when the earliest inhabitants of the Galisteo Basin were small groups of Paleo Indians. 

Galisteo was then established by Spanish settlers in search of gold and treasures in the 1700s. But it wasn’t until 1800 that it was officially recognized as a city.

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Galisteo is also popular for all its adobe village and is home to a diverse population of artists.

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Galisteo Basin, Landscape Design and Installation Galisteo, NM

This humble town is a favorite of those who want to experience the stunning grasslands of the Galisteo Basin Preserve. Biking is a popular activity in this preserve because it offers many opportunities for exploration, including scenic views of Lake Galisteo and access to trails for hiking.

The reserve is also home to many different species of wildlife. It provides water to residents in the area that would otherwise be unavailable due to drought conditions or other natural disasters such as wildfire or floods. 

Coyote Wildlife in Galisteo NM, The History and What to See in Galisteo, NM
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Another notable landmark near Galisteo is the Museum of Encaustic Art. This museum is a place for visitors to learn about the history of encaustic painting and see its various forms. They also offer workshops and lectures, which are open to the public.

Landscape Services in Galisteo, NM

The importance of landscaping can be seen in the fact that it has been used for centuries and still remains relevant today. Landscape design is an art form, which means that there are no right or wrong answers when designing landscapes. 

However, designers have to take into consideration their goals and the customer’s needs before they start. Here at Evergreen Landscape Pros, we have a team of professional landscape designers that work on projects from residential gardens to large-scale commercial developments. We are proud to be trusted by our customers who have worked with us in the past.

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Are you looking for a professional company that will transform your space into an inviting paradise? We offer exclusive services on patios, portals, and walkways. Recently, these areas have become increasingly important as homeowners have upgraded their homes. 

Rest assured that our staff members know the latest trends in landscaping and are ready to assist you with your needs. Call Evergreen Landscape Pros today at (505) 375-6901 or visit our website for a free quote on our exclusive services.