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Among the best neighborhoods to visit and reside in New Mexico is White Rock. It is believed that White Rock, New Mexico, is one of the friendliest communities in the state of New Mexico. It is a community with low crime rates and quality public schools. Many families enjoy living here and making it easy for new residents to feel a strong sense of community.

White Rock is a community in Los Alamos. It is known as a census-designated place(CDP) and had a population of 5,791in 2019. It is primarily a community for the staff of Los Alamos National Laboratory and their families.

Access to White Rock from Los Alamos and other towns in New Mexico is through New Mexico Road 4, which is where the northwestern boundary of the community is located. Santa Fe borders the community to the north and east.

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Quick History

The United States Atomic Energy Commission obtained the land from the United States Forest Service in 1947 to develop a community for construction workers. This original community was abandoned in 1953 and five years later the buildings were removed and demolished. The redevelopment of White Rock started in 1963. 

White Rock Canyon sits at the edge of the community and is used for activities, such as hiking and rock climbing. The area is also home to some endangered animals and rare plants.

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