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Landscaping Services Lamy, NM

Lamy NM Landscaping Services

Lamy is a very small city, which is a part of Santa Fe County and is a Census Designated Place. Lamy is approximately 18 miles south of the state capital city, Santa Fe and is home to less than 200 residents. Lamy is known as a railroad junction and has a total area of only 1.1 square miles.

The original railroad in Lamy was planned to run from Atchinson, Kansas to Santa Fe, however, the engineers who were in charge of the construction realized that the many hills which surrounded Santa Fe made this impractical. This therefore led to the railroad being built through Lamy.

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Lamy is full of history, just like the rest of New Mexico, and has a Railroad and History Museum which is dedicated to preserving the local history and heritage. It holds a focus on the historic railroads and their impact in the local area. 

Lamy is within Santa Fe’s public schools. It has the El Dorado Community School, which is Kindergarten to grade 8, and Santa Fe High School.

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We are happy to look after and service the residents of Lamy.

Landscaping Services Lamy, NM, Lamy NM Landscaping Services

Here at Evergreen Landscape Pros, we offer the best service and landscaping work. Just as it says in the name, we are professionals at what we do and will always strive to provide quality landscaping and design work for the residents of Lamy. We have many years of experience and our team of professionals will make your landscaping dreams become a reality. Along with our vast amount of landscaping and design work, we also specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of irrigation systems.

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