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Five Of The Most Common Landscaping Questions

Santa Fe Landscape Pros - Five Of The Most Common Landscaping Questions

Landscaping is such a fun home beautifying project. Aside from being a famous stress reliever, it is also a form of self-expression. It is, however, a challenging task.

Neat and attractive can be difficult. You probably have questions about the proper and ideal ways to do it. The good news is, we have answers. Santa Fe Landscape Pros have compiled the most common landscaping questions and answers for you.

Make your lawn and garden look vibrant and healthy throughout the year. Here are the general inquiries about landscaping and answers:

Is it necessary to mow my grass regularly?

Do it as often as you need. Remember that taller grass needs less water because it provides its own shade. Our expert landscapers have even advised against blowing or raking all grass clippings since they supply extra nutrients to the lawn and soil.

You do not need to fertilize your lawn if you leave a bit of cut grass on the ground. Obviously, you do not want to leave all of the mowed grass, but a bit should be enough. Setting up a regular schedule with your landscaper is a great idea

What kind of soil should I use?

That depends on the type of plant. Digging up dirt and placing it in the ground may be enough for certain types. However, because organic ground soil typically contains high levels of clay, this does not work for most plants. To solve this, go to your local home and garden store and get some potting mix.

A potting mix has been developed to aid in your plant’s growth. Use it to fill the bottom of a pot or container with dead leaves and grass. This can help the plant thrive by providing more nutrients. Professional landscapers can advise and provide the correct types of soil.

How do I get rid of weeds?

Easy! Simply gather a little mulch and some old newspaper. Cut the latter into long strips and scatter them in the soil around the weeds. Next, use a mulch to cover the newspaper. Doing so prevents water from reaching the weeds while increasing the number of nutrients available to the surrounding plants.

Repeat the method whenever weeds appear. This strategy prevents weed growth and beautifies your landscape at the same time. Or, even easier have your landscaper apply professional weed liner fabric.


What causes my grass to die in the winter?

During winter, your grass may not truly die. Instead, grass goes dormant, meaning it becomes brown to preserve water and save itself from high temperatures. Dormant and dead grass have a similar appearance. However, until spring arrives, distinguishing dormant grass from dead grass may be difficult.

Many homeowners encourage their communities to grow winter grass to maintain the area’s attractiveness. However, do not also forget to water your landscape during the winter months. If your grass turns green as the weather warms up in the spring, it has not died; it has just been dormant.

How can I keep bugs away from my plants?

Those small holes in your plants are unattractive, but pesticides may hurt your plants and the environment. Avoid using them if you can. There are several natural remedies to the ever-present bug problem.

One of these is throwing discarded eggshells into your garden. Greatpros.com reports that this method keeps pests away from your plants while also adding nutrients to the soil.

You can also deter bugs and other pests by sprinkling cayenne pepper on the soil. You may also spray your plants with a solution of water and a small quantity of dish soap. This will not harm the plants or anyone who eats them, but it will keep pests away. Professional landscapers will know your land and plants well and can provide the best ways to keep bugs away.

Do you have more questions about landscaping? Call us today at Santa Fe Landscape Pros to have them answered! We will take care of your landscaping needs for you. You are only a few steps away from having your dream one!

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