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Rodent Control with Fencing

The upcoming warm climate and thriving tourism industry increase the likelihood of rodent intrusions in Santa Fe, NM. These rodents can cause significant damage to residential and commercial property, and more importantly, threaten the health and safety of you and your home. 

Fencing can help manage some of the intrusions from the pesky rodents and other wildlife in your area. The law and often neighbors dictate what method and product to use when considering fencing around your home. Hiring a professional to install for your specific needs is highly recommended to avoid issues. It is also challenging to handle the aftereffects when there is damage done to your home.

The changing seasons affect animal and critter activity in your area. During the winter season, wildlife activity slows down, but mice and rat activity does not. Each season has its challenges and being aware of what to look for is essential to keep your home safe from damages and harm.

We understand the danger that comes with wild animal infestation and the urgency it requires. That is why we use a variety of professional techniques to manage, neutralize and remove wild animals. We will remove dead animals and repair animal damage in residential and commercial properties as quickly as possible.

When adding a fence to your yard, there are many details to consider depending on your specific problem. The possibilities are vast, but some common culprits that we have found are mice, pack rats, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, pocket gopher, bats, and pigeons. They can create various problems for residents, including attracting snakes to their yards, food contamination, wood and wiring damage, and the spread of rodent diseases such as hantavirus.

Rock squirrels in Santa Fe commonly burrow beneath sidewalks, buildings, and homes. They can cause severe damage, including structural deficiencies that threaten the security of the building itself. In addition to these significant issues, squirrels will unearth flowers, vegetables, and newly planted seeds while looking for meals. They also cause several problems with their digging. By burrowing beneath sidewalks and buildings, the rodents can lead to costly structural damage. Also, a squirrel will unearth flowers, vegetables, and newly planted seeds while looking for meals. 

Packrats, sometimes known as wood rats, are common in Santa Fe, NM. While these pests prefer dark, wooded places, they also favor wall voids, attics, and basements. Packrats are easy to identify by their large, filthy nests made from plants and waste. These rodents host infected fleas that spread serious illness through their waste.
Be aware of some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity such as odors, droppings and property damage. The damage to trees, fences, lawns, and gardens can be significant if not managed and maintained.

​Some tips for avoiding problems are to clean up spilled seeds by feeding birds, don’t leave cat or dog food outside, maintain a “drop” free yard from your pets, research flowers and plants that some wildlife thrive on. Also, if you have gardens and compost piles, they encourage animal activity.


When should homeowners call a professional? 

​When a homeowner attempts to manage on your own unsuccessfully, it can get costly. When unable to manage animal issues and concerned for your family, home, pets, and your health it’s time to call a professional to assess the land.

Bottom line is if you are not sure what type of animal control problem you have, contact Santa Fe Landscapers. Our experience with the pests and the wildlife of Santa Fe, including rock squirrels, raccoons, and more than 50 species of snakes, allows us to diagnose the problem and provide a solution — giving our customers security and peace of mind

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