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Spray VS. Drip Irrigation Systems


Irrigation systems come with several factors to consider, such as who to hire for the job, where the pipes should be, what irrigation system you should choose for your landscape beds. Typically, homeowners use either spray/sprinkler systems or drip irrigation systems.

Learn more about both of these irrigation systems so you can finally decide which of two make the best for your residential or commercial property.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation, also known as trickle irrigation or micro-irrigation, involves a network of emitters, pipes, and tubing valves. It is a watering system that generates a slow supply of water at a continuous rate directed to the soil. Drip irrigation is an increasingly popular option and is rated to be a more energy-efficient irrigation option.

What is Spray Irrigation?

Contrary to drip irrigation, spray irrigation is an irrigation process in which water with a particular pressure is sprinkled into the air with the aid of pumps and piping systems or by utilizing the drop in natural water sources to produce tiny droplets to land on plants and onto the ground.

The Pros and Cons of Drip Irrigation

Pros of Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is intended to reduce water waste, and it’s very useful in minimizing water usage. Drip systems don’t waste water on sections of your lawn that don’t require it. Rather, they only set the water straight to the plants that need it, helping you conserve water and reduce the water bill.

Drip systems manage to decrease pest infestation. With less water waste comes less probability for mosquitoes to thrive. Likewise, water conservation reduces weed invasion, so drip systems can make it simpler to maintain your yard.

Since drip systems are designed to release water slowly, this enables water to soak deep into the ground, which is excellent for plants with deep root systems.

Cons of Drip Irrigation

Drip systems cannot reach a wide area of plant life successfully. They’re not meant for watering lawns and vast areas of flowers.

Drip systems also demand more periodic maintenance compared to sprinkler systems. The tiny holes in a drip system are prone to clog. If the system is over the ground, it’s more sensitive to UV rays and movement.

Drip irrigation

The Pros and Cons of Sprinkler/Spray Irrigation

Pros of Sprinklers

Sprinklers are an excellent way to deliver much water over a broad area. However, various types of grasses will need more water than the others; the best way to provide enough water is to use a sprinkler system instead.

Sprinkler systems add the efficiency of use to the equation. They can cover every plant in your lawn with an automated system to give them the water they need. The performance of sprinkler systems can be challenging to beat since they yield healthier plants with only less water usage.

Cons of Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems are more practical than simply running a hose, but they can consume a lot of water if they’re not settled properly. Even when sprinklers are designed well, sunshine and wind can evaporate water before it soaks into the soil.

Additionally, sprinklers have a tendency to have a shallow soil effect. Deep roots will continue to need more water with a sprinkler system. Water waste comes with more cons; excess water can make it easier for mosquitoes to reproduce and weeds to develop.

Spray irrigation

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At Santa Fe Landscape Pros, we install both traditional sprinkler systems and drip irrigation for your residential and commercial property. If you are searching for an irrigation system that works for your property, call us at 505-375-6901 to set up an appointment. In addition to installation, we offer repair services for existing irrigation systems.

We also provide a wide range of landscape maintenance and design services. Our friendly representatives are looking forward to aiding you with your landscape needs. Our friendly representatives are looking forward to aiding you with your landscape needs.

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