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What’s the Difference Between Landscaping and Hardscaping?


Owning a large garden is both a privilege and a responsibility for property owners. They can enjoy the space provided by the yard in front or at the back of their property to build extra decorations like a patio, a pergola, or anything else they desire. Yet, it is also their responsibility to keep that yard clean and green in order to ensure that it stays attractive for a long time.

Therefore, knowing the difference between hardscaping and landscaping is necessary when it comes to having a picturesque backyard or front yard. Unfortunately, even long-time property owners sometimes seem to be confused by the two. Are you confident that you fully understand the difference between hardscaping and landscaping? If not, don’t worry because we’ll break them down below.



If you are the kind of homeowner who likes to see concrete steps, sidewalks, patios, and stairs, then you are looking for a professional hardscape contractor. This is because hardscaping is all about building ‘hard’ things to match your backyard. Expert hardscapers are trained to deal with hard materials like concrete instead of growing plants and arranging them in your yard.

Hardscaping may sometimes be connected to landscaping when it includes hard surfaces like gravel or concrete that can decorate your plants’ growing area. In terms of price, hardscaping is much cheaper than landscaping but is not as flexible based on the seasons of a certain area. These hardscaped features also require maintenance, which may cost money and, thus, call for your long-term commitment.



What is so special about landscaping that hardscaping cannot give? It’s the complete appeal of your yard, which you cannot find just anywhere. Landscaping allows for your customization through your choice of flowers and plants suitable for the season and climate you’re in. It’s one of the fundamental

elements every home and building should have. In fact, the right landscape can make your property look more expensive than its real price. Additionally, some health benefits may be acquired from a nice landscape as it helps produce fresh air. Lastly, landscaping lets you marry both the natural and the man-made features in your home or building.

Which One Does Your Yard Need?


Why choose one if you can actually have both a landscape and a hardscape in your backyard? Considering the benefits these two services offer your back or front yard, there’s no need to choose between the two. In addition, both can help increase the curb appeal and value of your property.

Hardscape can create a safe walkway and a lovely place to relax, while landscaping will make the air you breathe cleaner. Match a concrete fountain or stonework with flowering plants, and you’re sure to transform that empty space into a magnificent one! It’s just about choosing the premier, most trusted landscaping and hardscaping professionals near you in Santa Fe, NM to do your task efficiently.

Landscaping experts can assist you in selecting the right kind of plant or trees to grow in your location, which will not only improve the appearance of your property but also be easy to maintain and live for many years. On the other hand, hardscapers are well aware of the materials that are durable and safe enough to use for any structure you want to build, like a patio or walkways. Make sure to ask around for a contractor who can meet your requirements carefully.

Who Do You Call for the Best Landscaping Solution?


If you think that your love for plants and nature is enough for the perfect landscaping you want, consider the various things involved in it that you need to do: choose the plants and flowers to place here and there, decide how to shape and trim each of them, pick fertilizers to use to keep them growing beautifully, etc. Believe it or not, experts can do just what you want in your garden without anything more or less.

Santa Fe Landscape Pros keeps its reputation as a reliable, hardworking team of professional landscapers always in action and ready to lend you a hand with tasks like landscape design and installation, landscape maintenance and restoration, hardscapes and stonework, patios, portals, and walkways, as well as irrigation and water management, among others. There’s really nothing else you will need to look for when you hire us!

We’ve got the best deals for you to enjoy and for your yard to look as green and attractive as you envisioned it. Trust no other professional landscapers near you in Santa Fe, NM. Our experts have years of experience and impeccable skills in doing magic to any garden. Start seeing those lovely flowers bloom right where you want them to be. Call us at 505-375-6901 and have the makeover your garden deserves today!

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